music for a friday afternoon

it’s well past afternoon, but i thought i’d try for another music post for this week.

first up – derek webb. after i wrote the post on fred phelps, my friend carl gladstone directed a tweet to derek to check out my blog, which i was honored (and a little freaked out by – i tend to be a little like a schoolgirl when it comes to interacting with those i admire). back in the late ’80s i tried listening to contemporary christian music (a few tapes by the likes of stryper, one bad pig, michael w. smith, etc.), but it was a quickly passing phase. the music seemed pretty bland (or too much like a cheap copy of the popular stuff on the radio), and theologically shallow; not to mention i began discovering music like primal scream, they might be giants, and depeche mode. so i pretty much abandoned the contemporary christian scene, even though i’d heard rumors that it had gotten better in recent years. it really wasn’t until i stumbled upon derek webb’s mockingbird that i had a new appreciation for artists working within the specifically identified “christian” genre. this song has generated controversy for webb, and probably shouldn’t be heard by the easily offended. (derek – if you do stumble upon this blog – thank you for your amazing music).

derek webb – what matters more

god help the girl is a project from stuart murdoch (from belle and sebastian). both belle and sebastian and god help the girl are worth checking out.