this week’s roundup

Pastor/author Chris Seay has a video blog on LOST:

Keeping on the LOST theme there are a couple great posts I stumbled upon – “What Churches Can Learn From LOST” Part 1 and Part 2. The bottom line: How do we take creative risks to produce something so thoroughly engaging that it keeps people coming back for more and carrying the important questions with them throughout the week?

Mike Slaughter wrote on “The Church and Partisan Politics” here.
In it he says:

Too many allow their political ideology to determine their theology rather than a careful study of biblical theology informing their politic. This partisan spirit of disdain and exclusion prevents many outsiders from experiencing the resurrected Christ and drives seekers from the church. Jesus pointed out a critical deficiency in the biblical interpretation of the religious leaders of his day that continues to threaten the church today: “You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to human tradition” (Mark 7:8). Each of us brings a blend of political ideology, personal prejudice and folk religion together and then mix in some biblical truth to form a personalized system of life doctrines. We must repent of our worldly ways of thinking and seek the mind of Christ. A commitment to follow Jesus is a commitment to a higher politic that places one’s allegiance above party platform.

I appreciate his acknowledgement that we each, in our own way are guilty of this; it’s an important confession that both sides of the church need to make.

For the past year (maybe more) I’ve really enjoyed Mike Todd’s insight into issues of faith and culture. He recently traveled to Israel & Palestine and has started to unpack what he experienced there. Check out his first post in the series addressing how stereotypes can be broken down just by taking the time in getting to know the people.

Another highlight from Seth Godin here, on “What’s expected vs. what’s amazing.” Mike Todd’s blog also pointed me to this video by Nic Askew featuring Godin talking about curiosity vs. fundamentalism:

‘curiosity’ from Nic Askew on Vimeo.

Jonny Baker offers another “Worship Trick” here. I know putting something like that together is a lot harder than it looks, but it would be really cool to incorporate something like that into worship.

Finally, some Midnight Oil for your listening pleasure:

(and if you’ve ever seen me dance, you’ll know right away that Peter Garrett is my inspiration).