this week’s round-up (july 23-ish)

I don’t think the round-up is going to move to a Sunday evening publishing schedule (I’ve been trying to keep it on Fridays), but it might end up making that jump. It’s a short list of links this week, and nothing is really hitting me musically at the moment, but here you go:

Tim Stevens on Reimagining Church.

Carol Howard Merritt on What Causes Pastors to Burnout? (Thanks to Jeremy Peters for the link to this one!).

Doug Pagitt posted an interview with Paul Jesep regarding a Christian response to credit cards.

Julie Clawson has a great article this week on social justice, Glen Beck and a neighborless Christianity.

Scot McKnight helps explain the Wesleyan Quadrilateral (for a non-Wesleyan perspective), and does a nice job at it.