dis at cvs (i’m old and uncool)

So Friday night I stop in to the local CVS because I needed to grab and gallon of milk and was too lazy to go to the grocery store; to provide some context, his CVS is across the street from DTE Music Theatre. Here’s the conversation that unfolded as I made my purchase:

CVS guy: Hey, how’s it going?
Me: Not bad.
CVS guy: Do you know who’s playing across the street tonight?
Me: Yeah, I think it’s like Rob Zombie and Korn.
CVS girl standing nearby who overhears our conversation: ARE YOU GOING??!!
CVS guy (answering before I can get a word in): No, this DOESN’T look like the kind of guy who would go to THAT SHOW!!
Me (now mildly offended by the judgement): No, I’m not going, but back in the day I did work at a hard rock station and played stuff like Metallica and Tool.

I saved the two the 20 minute lecture how I was listening to bands like White Zombie while they were still in diapers, met members from The Melvins and Fishbone, and have far more “rocker cred” than my appearance would suggest. But then I also remembered how I never looked liked rock guy, even back when I was a DJ and making frequent visits to Gabe’s during college, and today I would be that creepy old dood if I did make it to a show.

I can admit it – I’m old, I’m not cool (and never really have been), and I’m okay with that… and really even back then I didn’t have much interest in bands like Rob Zombie and Korn, but I still have enjoy a good rock song. (And yeah, since I’m old, I’ve got to go old school) –