this week’s round-up (august 22)

Keeping it short and sweet this week. I working my way through Leonard Sweet’s new book Nudge and plan to get a review posted in the next couple weeks. I also want to do something more with Seth Godin’s book Lynchpin but not quite sure what it will look like (or how to find the time to make it happen).

Does Commuting by Car Make You Fat?

Twitter Lessons from Rick Warren

Imperfect is the new perfect. Transparency builds trust.

Scot McKnight gives a thumbs up to Adam Hamilton’s latest When Christians Get It Wrong

I never appreciated The Call like I probably should have – I liked the few songs I heard on the radio, but never bothered to pick up an album. Michael Been, singer and guitarist, died this week; he was working with his son’s band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (which are worth checking out, too). Thanks, Michael, for the music. (The first video is the song you’re probably most familiar with if you listened to pop/rock from the mid-80s; the second is one I don’t remember as well, but am quickly growing to love).

Spending some time with clergy colleagues and their families this week (as well as my own). A time for renewal, inspiration, and support… which means there might be slim pickings next week as well.