have hope

 a few friends are going through a rough week, and with this pastor as minor poet retreat coming up i’m trying to get back into writing… so here’s something i came up with this evening – it’s rough and not quite my usual style…

to those
   who are feeling
      wiped out
      washed up
      without a clue of what to do
to those
   who are feeling
      freaked out and full of doubt
to those
   who know not what tomorrow brings
   who can find no comforts in the little things
   who are left feeling tired and used
   who can go no further being abused
   who just don’t know where to turn
   who hold that anger that always burns
have hope
   that in the dark
      a new day dawns
   that in the cross
      a resurrection song
have hope
   that fire may burn
      but not consume
   that waters may rise
      but not entomb
have hope