this week’s round-up (september 19)

Shane Claiborne offers an important reminder about humility and Terry Jones’ decision not to burn the Quran.

Be Unreasonable!

Bike Maintenance for Beginners.

Great article at Ragamuffin Soul about being intentional about spending time outside the office. (Thanks to Paul Thomas for the tip!)

A couple good ones from Seth Godin this week on Self-delusion and Self-loathing and on Marketing and Responsibility.

Interesting ministry idea: Positive Picketing!

Scot McKnight gives a thumbs-up to the book by Efrem Smith Jump: Into a Life of Further and Higher; it looks interesting (although the reviews on Amazon aren’t quite as strong as McKnight’s take).

Mike Slaughter keeps it short and simple with a few thoughts around When Christians Disagree.

Fred Clark offers a parable, of sorts, on the moral decisions we have to make when our worldview is incongruent with reality.

File under trips I’d like to take: Back to the old stomping grounds in Chicago to attend this and then to Washington D.C. at the end of the month for this:

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Music from Jonsi’s album Go (worth checking out if you are into Islandic alterna-pop).

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