The B-52’s- Don’t Worry

One more music post – for the longest time I thought I was going insane remembering a song that didn’t exist. One summer when I was working at Adventureland Amusement Park this song was on a 4-hour loop tape that played over the sound system. I was sure it was the B-52s (Fred’s voice is pretty unforgettable), I never knew what album it was from, and while I never didn’t a completely thorough search of their catalog, the few times I tried to figure out the song, I never could. Google & YouTube to the rescue! Turns out the song was removed after the first printing.






  1. thewaggonerfamily Avatar

    Ah, good memories. I think I have that album kicking around here somewhere. I don't have a huge vinyl collection, but it is a lot of ska and quirky albums. We used to have a used record store next to the bike shop I worked at in HS. He used to have lots of unique and foreign stuff. Aren't you a little young for old B-52s? I think they were from when I was in HS/college. Wouldn't that put you in elementary?

  2. mike Avatar

    I hit the "second wave" of the B-52s – Cosmic Thing (Love Shack, Roam, etc.) came out right around the same time I got my driver's license and was my primary soundtrack for quite a while.

    The "Don't Worry" track was probably a little before my time, but it was on this mix tape filled with early '80s new wave music that played at the amusement park where I worked in high school & college. (Doing a quick check Whammy came out in '83 – so I would have been in 3rd grade & living in a area where no radio stations were playing alternative/new wave stuff & we didn't have cable/MTV. It shouldn't be on my radar, but was because of that mix tape).