this week’s round-up (october 24)

We Worship the god of Security.

North Ridge Church is for Liars. I actually saw one of these signs a couple weeks ago, and for about 2 seconds thought, “Wow! Someone really has it out for that church!” but then realized it was just a marketing campaign. I like the fact that it is provocative enough to capture the attention of people driving by, but I wonder about the metrics of how it actually translates to hits on the website, and new faces in worship on Sunday. I also wonder how far you go before “provocative” loses it’s edge, and the message people take away if they never go to the website and don’t get the underlying message (humor?) of the campaign.

Interesting (tech nerd) article on the 3G and 4G wireless standards, and why your cell phone carrier is probably lying to you.

Hugh MacLeod asks the question United Methodist’s need to be asking every day:

(Hugh’s stuff is really good, make sure you check it out… I haven’t read his book Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity yet, but it’s on my list).
Paul Hickernell reminds us that When Churches Keep Quiet: Others Fill the Void.
Literal Movie Posters.
Seth Godin on the Deliberately Uninformed.
Anyone want to take me to Portland in January June, so we can go hang out with Don Miller?

Storyline Conference from on Vimeo.

Don also suggests surrounding yourself with a few good life editors. (In a similar vein, Lifehacker says you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with).

Andrew Conrad on finding value in the connection.

Mike Slaughter chats with Alan Hirsch.

Fred Clark has a great piece on the context of John 14 and embracing grace.

I know I’ve thrown Matisyahu up here before, but it is (probably) the best Hasidic Jewish reggae music you’ll hear all day.