this week’s round-up (november 7)

Lifehacker has some thoughts on delegating.

Levite Chronicles has some good thoughts on giving gifts that have meaning to the recipient. The point is to offer gifts that will bring lasting memories, but I found myself wondering about those gifts that churches often provide to first time visitors as well – are they meaningful, do they create lasting impressions, or is it just a cheap, disposable, easily forgotten item, with little long-term value or association?

Donald Miller on The Fear of Doing – I love this line: “Perhaps we should not put our energy into criticism, we should accept the challenge to squash what we do not like by creating something better.” Stop criticizing, start creating!

Kem Meyer on how the abundance of choice is wreaking havoc.

Seth Godin on Childish vs Child-like. Jesus calls us to be child-like, so why do we spend so much time in the church acting childish?

Leadership Network tells of how Darius Rucker writes 77 songs to get 12 good ones. How many ideas are we willing to work on and discard so that we might discover excellence? Are we willing do endure failure for future glory, or do we just give up, or settle for mediocrity before we get to the destination? 

Thinking about seminary?