this week’s round-up (january 31)

Malcolm Gladwell – “Speaking is not an act of extroversion”

Jay Voorheess points to a blog by Roger E Olson who does a really great job of explaining and unpacking Arminian theology (which is the primary theological viewpoint behind Methodism).  I’ve just started skimming through Olson’s blog, but there is some really great stuff in there. Even though I think I do a pretty good job of being able to “think Methodist” and have a Methodist theology, I’ll admit that I never really got into many of the issues of how and why Arminianism is distinct from Calvinism (I’m not sure if this wasn’t really covered in my seminary classes, or if I just wasn’t paying attention when it was). Looking at this stuff, plus reading Will Willimon’s book United Methodist Beliefs has me wondering if we do need some sort of revival in reclaiming our theological heritage, and letting that guide us into the future.

Lifehacker: Everything You Need to Know About the Verizon iPhone and Making the Switch. I’m still under contact with T-Mobile for about 60 days (not that I’m counting), but need to switch because they don’t have coverage in the town where I work. I’m not sure if going with the iPhone (either on AT&T or Verizon) makes much sense financially, but I’m exploring my options.

Jeremy Smith points to a small controversy surrounding an  article in Marie Claire about a United Methodist Pastor’s struggle around being single and in ministry. Jeremy makes some great points, and there good discussion in the comments section, too. As I read it, I was reminded of the Donald Miller article I posted last week on the Wisdom of Honesty and how some people have a gift for just being able to tell it like it is, regardless of consequences, and others hold their tongue when they feel the raw truth do more harm than good. While I certainly wouldn’t have made the choice to be quite so bold about my relationship struggles in a national magazine (I frequently censor and second-guess myself even on this blog), I can’t condemn Rev. Miller’s candor and honesty; I hope her words will help others understand that pastor’s struggle with work and relationships just like everyone else.

Seth Godin on The Shell Game of Delight – create environments where people feel appreciated, valued, have have a chance to “win”. Seth also writes (via the Domino Project), about the broken pricing model of e-books in Compared to What? I haven’t gotten on the e-book bandwagon, in part, because I want the tactile experience of holding a real book and turning pages, but also (as Seth points out) because the price seems way to high for what I’m getting.

David Crumm talks with Jay Bakker. I frequently listen to Jay’s podcast from Revolution Church and continue to be fascinated about his transition from the son of two of the most prominent televanelists, through his personal struggles, to this guy who’s reading Borg and Tillich and doing interesting ministry in New York.

Donald Miller – A Creator Must Believe He Has the Authority to Create. Good reminder to “take thou authority”. Also from Miller: Commit to the Work, Not the Goals.

Wil Wheaton says Librarians are Awesome. I agree. In addition, last week, Wil shared some thoughts on the anniversary of the Challenger explosion. I, too, was home sick that day and remember it well.

I’ve posted a live version of this song before, but I just found an official video on MTV’s website. It’s a little “poppy” for my own personal taste, but it has a good message, and it’s really interesting that it’s getting mainstream attention from a place like MTV.