this week’s round-up (february 23)

Mike Slaughter on Meaningful Worship.

Roger Olsen asks, Why Do Conservatives & Liberals Worship Differently? identifying an interesting paradox theologically conservative congregations (generally) tend to be more open to experimentation in worship, compared to more mainline/liberal churches.

Essential reading from Donald Miller, especially as the UMC prepares for another General Conference: How Infighting will Kill the Church.

Seth Godin on Bankruptcy. Draw your own conclusions between this and the previous link.

Also may or may not be related, another post from Miller, How a Consumer Thinks.

I discovered the guy I used to play ultimate frisbee with back in high school now is a journalist specializing in foreign policy. Here’s a great piece he’s written on  Organizing the Egyptian Rebellion, noting that it seems to be a product BOTH of new social media, but also built up traditional structures of social organization (unions, community groups, etc.).

Just because I find this kind of stuff fascinating: What Not to Bring to Egypt.

Friend, Bri, reminds us to Do It Today.

8 Ways to Know It’s Time to Quit.

Reasons to Not Think Outside the Box.

Slacktivist on the Politics of Spite.

Craig Groshel on not just building the local church, build the kingdom:

There’s a really important message in there, but as much as I believe it, I also struggle with it… I’m continually tempted to want “my church” to be a little better than the one down the street.

On a much less serious note – real life Mario-cart!!

New music from Danielson on the way. Ships doesn’t have the appeal that it once did for me, but I’m looking forward to see what this new one will bring.