baptism reflection

As part of our Seven Churches United, Ash Wednesday service this evening, I’m supposed to be talking about Lent at a time of “spring cleaning” and incorporating the image of water, so I’m dusting off this little meditation I wrote a few years back.

Just a simple twist of the knob
each morning
and warm water rushes over me
Water that washes away
the dirt, grime and sweat
of the day before
Water that
helps me open my weary eyes
awakens me from sleep
Water that
refreshes, rejuvenates
prepares me for a new day
A miracle?
Not quite
But a reminder
Of Jesus who entered the Jordan
and was refreshed by God’s grace
     Spirit-descending, declared “Beloved” by on high
A reminder
of my own baptism
(even though I was too young to remember)
A reminder
that God’s grace is still at work
in my life
Washing away the old
Preparing me for the new
Opening my eyes to the day ahead
New possibilities
In the presence of God
Many miles from the River Jordan
We still follow Christ
Stepping into streams of blessing
Washed by the showers of God’s love.