On denominations

 I’m currently reading Jay Bakker’s book Fall to Grace, a full review should be coming in the next couple weeks, but I wanted to share these couple paragraphs this morning:

“The point is that we believers can splinter into all the denominations we want. We can pore over Scripture, finding little issues and phrases (or even differing interpretations of the same phrase) to divide us. We can each claim that our little group is the one with a true comprehension of God’s Word. We can segregate society and close our hearts because of these superficial differences. Or we can begin to patch up these fault lines and fractures we’re created in the church and try to see past our differing interpretations of Scripture to recognize one another as children of the same God.

 “Yes, we can debate our faith – even argue. But in the end, we need to recognize that we’re all members of the same big family. Faith in Christ can be the tie that brings and binds us together, even when everything else threatens to pull us apart.”

(From Fall to Grace: A Revolution of God, Self & Society pg. 97)