#Trust30 Prompt 8 – Five Years

The Prompt:
Five Years by Corbett Barr

There will be an agreement in whatever variety of actions, so they be each honest and natural in their hour. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What would you say to the person you were five years ago? What will you say to the person you’ll be in five years?

(Author: Corbett Barr)

The Post:
To my past self: 
“The winning lottery numbers for June 17 are 10 20 22 39 48 and the Powerball is 25, you’ll have to split the pot with someone in Oklahoma, but $50,000,000 is still a good sum.”

The more serious message to the past:
“Do more to appreciate where you are and what you are doing. Make sure to soak up every moment you have with your children (the one you have the the one still on his way).”

To my future self:
“Stay strong in the battle against the robot overlords. Humanity WILL NOT be enslaved! You know their weakness, don’t be afraid to exploit it at every opportunity.”

The more serious message to the future:
“Keep dreaming. Keep trying new things. Don’t fall into complacency or cynicism.”