this week’s round-up (september 13)

I knew I’d been off for a couple weeks… didn’t realize it has been close to a month since my last post. Time to play catch-up:

Damon Lindelof on Raiders of the Lost Ark

Unexpected ways the library can save you money. Actually these are all pretty standard and obvious in my opinion, but then again, I’m a cheap nerd who loves the library (and I especially love my current local library because they do have an excellent music, movie, and magazine selection in addition to a great book collection).

Why 99% of Pastors are Universalists… at Funerals. Love the last line, “Maybe if Rob Bell had spoken his thoughts at a funeral, nobody would have had a problem with it.”

Donald Miller: Learning to Love Your Flaws.

Jen Lemen: What If…

Amy Valdez Barker has a few thoughts about churches failing to do the most basic of outreach efforts I think she is a little “off” in directing her criticism at the pastors; anyone can build a church website or facebook page, ordination isn’t a requirement, even though I know the main point is it takes pastoral leadership to get the church to even consider those things. Amy’s also quick to affirm when churches get it right.

My good friend, Eric, is back blogging at Operation Nu-U, great thoughts on the battle with food addiction, and the efforts he’s making towards living a healthier lifestyle. Eric’s an awesome guy, and I wish him the best in his efforts.

Another good friend, Jeff, tells of the 10 things he snuck into his son’s backpack before he starts kindergarten.

How to Shave 10 Hours Off Your Ministry Work Week.

Dan Dick on Accountability Ability nice post on a tough topic – at what point do we take membership vows seriously enough to remove “Christians” blatantly exhibiting un-Christ-like behavior?

Roger Olsen: Was Kierkegaard an evangelical? Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Also from Olsen: Why “evangelical” is a label I won’t surrender; while “evangelical” is not a label I grew up with, I’ve been interesting in finding ways to reclaim it, because it is part of the Wesleyan heritage. Just recently I was taking part in a phone survey where the question was asked, “Do you consider yourself evangelical or mainline?” and I wanted to answer both, but not in the way “evangelical” has been commonly understood in the last 30 years.

Fred Clark on Neuhaus and “Dominonism”. Just prior to labor day, I heard something on NPR about Bachmann, Perry and Palin’s connection to this theological arena (movement?) I worry that connections, and beliefs like this can be overblown and overstated, but I also think this is something worth keeping an eye on. Fred offers a follow-up post here. Also interesting stuff on the ACLJ, I had always been a little weary of the organization’s efforts, I had no idea about the financial aspects of the organization. One more from Fred to plug: Refusing to Bow Before the Beast, on understanding the Book of Revelation.

Lifehacker: People Who Get Malware, Also Get Mugged More Often.

What If Steve Jobs Made Disciples? 

Who Said It? God, MLK Jr. or Captain America?

Six Key Tasks of Pastors Who Make a Difference.

Jeremy Smith: I Could Sing of Your Love on Sundays. Great video if you haven’t already seen it. On a much more serious note from Jeremy: Do We Seek Success or Significance?

The Post I Shouldn’t Have Posted, and How It Changed Me.

Several college friends were living in NYC ten years ago. Here an IM chat my friend Rudy posted from that day.

McSweeney’s: You Look At Me Like You’ve Never Seen a Neo-Hipster Before and Do You Like Me, Click Yes or No.

3 Blogging Experiments That Might Make You a Better Writer. I’ve wondered about trying to do something with video, but I know I’d make myself crazy with wanting it to be “perfect” – I’m okay with a misspelled word, but the idea of stumbling over spoken words, or even poor sound or video quality would make me nuts.

Michael Moore on what it felt like to be the most hated man in America. Moore has always interested me, especially since I’ve moved to Michigan, and can now see areas like Flint up close, that 22 years ago seemed like a very far away place.

Using John Wesley’s words in regard to the Global Leadership Summit. (Actually a good quote for a variety of learning experiences).

With all the attention given to this being the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind, I’d forgotten that it is also the 20th anniversary of Fugazi’s Steady Diet of Nothing, an album that I not only purchased before Nirvana, but also understood much more immediately than Nevermind.