this week’s round-up (september 28)

God Makes Lemonade – love this concept!

Seth Godin on Talker’s Block – great post about working through writer’s block; of course the mild irony, for me, is that I frequently do have “talker’s block” and tend to keep silent if I don’t have anything to say. Also from Godin: Marketing the Placebo – When Everyone Gets Their Own Belief.

Lifehacker: Upgrade Your Health & Fitness Routines.

Donald Miller: Leaders Lead People Through Fear.

Dan Dick: Take Time to be Holy.

Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary: Using Your Poor Kid to Teach My Rich Kid a Lesson. Raises an important point to consider about the unintended messages of mission trips.

Cameron Conant (via Rethink Church): Live the Best Case Scenario.

Christian Piatt (via Huffington Post): Why Young Adults Are Walking Away From Church.

Michael Hyatt: What Drives You As A Leader?

Chad Missildine: 8 Dos and Don’ts of Transformational Leadership.

I’d forgotten about the whole “Playing for Change” project, so I had no idea they had new songs out. Here’s their latest, and it’s a good one: