this week’s round-up (october 26)

Fred Clark on James Taylor and Moral Relativism. Also from Fred, Why are those OWS Protesters so Upset?

Lifehacker: The True Cost of Commuting – Unfortunately I fit, almost exactly, this profile:

“Let’s take a typical day’s drive for this self-destructive couple. Adding 38 miles of round-trip driving at the IRS’s estimate of total driving cost of $0.51 per mile, there’s $19 per day of direct driving and car ownership costs. It is possible to drive for less, but these people happen to have fairly new cars, bought on credit, so they are wasting the full amount.
Next is the actual human time wasted. At 80 minutes per day, the self-imposed driving would be adding the equivalent of almost an entire work day to each work week – so they would now effectively be working 6 workdays per week.”

Prayers for Chad Holtz as he takes a break from blogging to find some healing in rehab.

Dan Dick on Discipleship; also, The Missionally Challenged Church.

Sam Kemmis: History Will Thank Us for Determining Which Mushrooms Are Poisonous

Chuck Warnock: The Myth of Why Conservative Churches are Growing.

Top 4 Practices of Disciple-Making Churches.

Jeremy Smith reviews the Official UMC iPhone App. (I still haven’t downloaded it to give it a try myself).

Seth Godin: The Difference Between Management and Leadership.

Brandon Cox: What’s Right with the Church in 2011.

Jen Lemen: Wrecking Ball.

Rhett Smith: Steve Jobs, John Wesley and how Pursuing Opportunities can come at Great Cost to our Personal and Family Lives.

Mike Slaughter on Bridging the Political Divide in Church.

Friend and colleague, Rick Dake, pointed me to this audio from Bishop Gerald Kennedy from 1960 speaking on The Marks of a Methodist – interesting how little has changed in 50 years.

Michael Hyatt on How to Avoid the Power of the Drift and Are You Living Your Own Dream or Someone Else’s?

Great video from Advent Conspiracy / Chris Tomlin – Love:

[AC] Love All (ft. Chris Tomlin’s ‘Love’) from Advent Conspiracy on Vimeo.