Christmas Eve Welcome

This came to me last year in the early morning hours of Christmas Eve and I used it for worship then (and think I shared it here as well). Thought I’d put it up again for anyone who might find a use for it in worship this Christmas; feel free to use or adapt as you see fit (there in info at the bottom of the blog about Creative Commons – if you do use, I prefer attribution and that any derivative works retain the “share alike” philosophy).

We come excited,
We come exhausted,
Welcome to this place.

We come hopeful,
We come humble,
Welcome to this place.

We come with deepest longing,
We come distracted,
Welcome to this place.

We come compassionate,
We come confused,
Welcome to this place.

We come joyful,
We come just-happy-to-have-made-it-through-another-day,
Welcome to this place.

We come faithful,
We come fearful,
Welcome to this place.

to one and all,
to this place,
where we can be who we are,
confident that God meets us,
as we are.

Welcome to this night:
Welcome to the Marys pregnant with possibilities,
Welcome to the Josephs returning to their hometowns,
Welcome to the travelers, weary after a long journey,
Welcome to the inn-keepers, making room for one more, wherever they can.
Welcome to this place
Where angels sing
and shepherds seek
welcoming a King
born in Bethlehem, long ago
called Emmanuel:
and Still Is With Us
Welcoming us,
 receiving us,
  redeeming us,
even on this Holy Night.
Welcome Christmas people.