this week’s round-up (december 22)

I seem to have lost that weekly rhythm of blog posts… maybe in the new year I’ll get on a better schedule. Anyway, here’s what has caught my attention over the past few weeks:

Seth Godin: Tools vs. Insight. Often we don’t need new tools, we just need to find creative ways to use what we’ve already got. Also check out Insulate Yourself…

Marcus Zumwalt: We are the 99%. Marcus is a friend I had the great privilege of getting to know when our lives briefly crossed in Ann Arbor. This post is a powerful reminder that even with the issues around the gap between the rich and the poor here in the US, highlighted by the “Occupy” movement, the issue is even more profound on a global scale. Are we really the 99%, or are we, in fact, the 1%?

Donald Miller: It’s not what you do that scares me, it’s what you hide.; What would change if you believed people actually wanted to talk to you?; and Do you believe in your own power to shape the world? (Side note: I’m really interested in the shift Don has taken from the usual typed blog posts to photos of handwritten messages – there is an element of beauty and authenticity in handwritten messages that I really appreciate).

When Animals Run Attack Ads.

Dan Dick: Christmas Affluenza. Also: The Nice Curse.

EmergingUMC: What Brings People to Church?

Fred Clark: Millennials Will Change the Future of the Church.

The Economist: How Luther Went Viral. Fascinating article about social media and church history and how about “new” advances in communication and collective action aren’t really new at all.

Dear Congress, It’s No Longer OK To Not Know How The Internet Works.

How to Live Better on 24 Hours a Day.

2011 – The Year in (Lego) Pictures.

Nerd Porn – 47 Year Old Television Signals Are Bouncing Back to Earth. Fascinating article about how “something” approximately 25 light years away is reflecting TV signals back to earth, which means that some “lost” programs, like episodes of Doctor Who, can be recovered and recorded.

Insiders and Outsiders and the future of the Church.

Forget Planes and Cars: The Beginners Guide to Traveling by Bike.

DIY Star Wars Snowflakes. I tried a couple of these and they actually came out pretty good.

Brian Owen (via Michael Hyatt’s blog): What an Acting Coach Taught Me About Public Speaking. Also from Hyatt: 5 Ways You Can Be an Everyday Hero and How a Shift in Your Vocabular can Instantly Change Your Attitude – the “have to” vs. “get to” thing has already been a help for me.