Christ as a Leadership Crisis

I don’t really fall into the UMC’s “Good News” camp, but in this month’s Good News Magazine there is a great article from Will Willimon on “Christ as Leadership Crisis” (I’ll try to link to the electronic version of the article when it becomes available. Here’s a couple highlights:

“As bishop I am frequently reminded by the Holy Spirit that Jesus was crucified through the leadership of people like me, persons in positions of spiritual authority over others. As bishop, I’m closer to Caiaphas thank to Saint Paul. Therefore I have found it a salubrious practice to have close by me King’s ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail,’ written by King to someone just like me.”


“According to Matthew 25, there will be surprises for all of us at the Great Assize. (In my worst nightmare it’s me before the throne of Judgement asking, ‘Lord, when did I see you?’ and the King looking down at me saying, ‘Surprise. Inasmuch as you smart-mouthed, castigated and ridiculed the Institute on Religion and Democracy, you did it unto me.’)”