On the blogs and in my brain…

National economic hardship? Let social media come to the rescue: The Official Kickstarter Page for Greece. (No, it’s not really).

Seth Godin: Ashamed to Not Know and the Mathematical Impossibility of Universal Delight.

Libby Anne: Who are the Real Babies? House-Proofing and Modesty. Awesome article on the expectation that children can control their urges but adult men can’t. (via Fred Clark)

Fred Clark: Daughter, Go In Peace. Simple, straightforward take on the whole contraceptive/religious freedom debate.

Libraries morphing into bookstores. This move makes a lot of sense to me.

The Commuters Odyssey.

John Van De Laar: Learning to Belong.

Larae Quy: How Leaders Can Create Self-Worth.

My friend, Leilani has started blogging – writing some amazing stuff, for example – Change.

Jeremy Smith: Lamenting an Open-Source Call to Action.

Becca Clark: Vital Signs and Flat Lines.

Productivity Porn: Reinventing the Office.

Tracy Simmons: Pastor Says Hospitality Staff Can’t Live by Bread Alone. Love this ministry idea.

Wil Wheaton: Things Every Person Should Have.

Dunbar’s Number vs. Facebook. An attempt to challenge the notion that the human brain can only maintain about 150 relationships (and how it might be time to clear our your friend feed).

100 Mac Apps to Consider.

Drink More Tea.

The more Americans go on food stamps, the more money JP Morgan makes.

Music Andrew Bird – from last night’s Colbert Report; still haven’t grabbed his new album, but I need to (fortunately I still have some $$ left on an iTunes gift card)…