We almost lost Detroit…

On the blogs and in my brain this week…

I try not to get too “political” but this is an important read: The Supreme Court orders a 5-4 decision on where to order lunch (I’ll have to side with Justice Scalia on this one).

Dan Dick reviews George Hunter’s book,The Recovery of a Contagious Methodist Movement (Amazon affiliate link), giving it very high marks. I haven’t had the chance (or the money) to check out the “recommended” books for this year’s General Conference, but it sounds like this is one to get.

Stop Throwing Starfish.

Donald Miller: How to Know if You Are a Controlling Person. Also from Miller: Want to Do Meaningful Work? Keep Reading. Literally.

April 1 Fun: Google Voice for Pets; Seth Godin fights for restrictive control of intellectual property by trademarking the terms “Purple” and “Cow”; and Rachel Held Evans offers an incredible news round up, including the fact that Rob Bell’s Lasik Surgery Will Cost Christian Hipsters Millions.

Lifehacker: Get Your Bike in Shape for Spring. I splurged for a real tune-up at a local bike shop just because it has been 15 years since any professional has touched it, but this guide will be a helpful place to start for basic maintenance.

Jeremy Smith: No Southern Church Left Behind interesting analysis of the potential geographic bias that surrounds the support of Call to Action in the United Methodist Church.

Fred Clark: Friday the 13th – A Ghost Story. Oh, how I wish this were true, the idea of the ghost of Frederick Douglas haunting racists, preaching, and kicking butt is an awesome movie begging to be made.

When I worked overnights as a radio DJ, I could pretty easily get lost in just studying the weather radar feed, especially when I storm was coming in. This real time wind map feeds that same weather nerdiness.

The New Red Scare: Why Muslims Aren’t Republican Anymore. Fascinating article that talks about how in the 2000 Presidential Election 78% of Muslims supported Republicans because of their emphasis on moral values, fiscal conservatism, and “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality, but since then support has dropped to 11%. In order to satisfy one political base they’ve alienated another who were sympathetic to their basic values.

The Atlantic: How Copyright Makes Books Disappear. Here’s where intellectual property law is “broken”- it creates an undeniable gap in access to creative work. Want to find a new book originally published before 1910 – no problem. Want to find a new book originally published between 1920 and 1980 – good luck.

My inner 14-year-old self rejoices: There is a Kickstarter campaign to revive Leisure Suit Larry.

Music this week from Detroit’s own Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – “We Almost Lost Detroit”: