can’t stand it, i know you planned it…

Lots of catching up to do, so here you go…

Helpful tips from Ann Randers.

Dan Dick, back at the beginning of the month regarding General Conference: To Rainbow or Not to Rainbow and here he Looks Back at General Conference.

Fred Clark: David Barton says things that are not true. (Again, you have to go back to the beginning of the month when Barton was on The Daily Show; I was sorry to see John Stewart give Barton attention he doesn’t deserve).

Godin calls the business world to care more; good advice for the church, too. Also from Godin – Avoiding False Metrics – also good advice for the UMC. One more to check out – The Quickest Way to Get Things Done and Make Change.

Rev. Momma on Defending v. Defensive:

“I’m not interested in proof-texting or debating, I’m interested in relationship, in loving, and in sharing how my life has changed by Christ.”

To which I simply say, Amen!

From Lifehacker: Turn Your Cassette Tapes into MP3s. I’ve done this a few times with some my old radio recordings, but still have more to do.

Julie Clawson: Theology in the Dressing Room.

Adam Walker Cleaveland: Why Pastors Should Only Have 1 Facebook Profile.

Jay Voorhees posts An Open Letter to Bishop William Willimon – great reflection on the “trust problem” in the UMC; Jay also offers an important follow-up, I Love our Bishops.

Leilani Euper: Riding the Thunderbolt.

The Tyranny of Extroversion.

Taylor Burton-Edwards encourages us to Move Beyond the Death Metaphors for the UMC.

Is Mitt Romney a Unicorn?

Shawn Smucker: 35 Years in Church and I Still Don’t Know How to Respond to Poverty. Powerful and convicting reflection about how the church fails to equip people to “do ministry” and names the struggle we all face.

If You Build Bike Lanes, They Will Ride.

Millennials in Detroit.

Tough month for fans of 90s era college rock, Ween break up (there was a time at KRUI where it seemed like “Push the Little Daisies” was being played every hour), and much more significantly the loss of MCA from the Beastie Boys…