“Well you forgave and I won’t forget…”

Dearborn: Where Americans Come to Hate Muslims. Important and insightful article about the Detroit metro area. I’d know a little bit about Dearborn’s history, and Mayor Hubbard, but I had no idea Christian Arabs have been immigrating to the area since the 1880’s.

Bikes: Good for You, Good for the Economy.

Jay Voorhees: The Ministry of Resources

Richard Beck on the Hunger Games and Harry Potter: “Well, Christians, at least American Christians, are okay with murder but really, really scared of magic.”

Lifehacker: DIY Washing Soda – follow the links to see how to make your own washing machine detergent. I haven’t tried this, but some friends have and say it works great.

Roger Olsen: Whatever Happened to the “Evangelical Left”? On a similar note, I may be having a review of the book A New Evangelical Manifesto: A Kingdom Vision for the Common Good coming down the pipe in the next few weeks.

Fred Clark: Gatekeeper Gatecrashes a Wedding – great post on criticism of Brian McLaren officiating his son’s same-sex wedding. Also from Fred: A Documented Case of False Prophecy, on the evangelicalist fears surrounding President Obama’s election in 2008.

Lifehacker: How Can I Help a Friend Who is Spreading Malware? Disregarding the “help a friend” angle, there are some good basic computer security tips in there.

Jeremy Smith: The Hulk’s Secret is Discipleship’s Secret. I think Jeremy might be on to something there, even though I probably would have expressed it a little differently. As Christians, I think we need to claim our anger – it’s okay to be angry; I have to believe that it was anger that led Jesus to turning over the tables in the Temple. The question is what should we (or do we) get angry about, and how do we channel that anger for good? Bruce Banner wasn’t the Hulk 24/7, but he was willing to go there, when it mattered. Unfortunately the church is filled with angry people, but 99% of them seem to be angry at the wrong things, like the color of the sanctuary carpet, or children making too much noise during worship.

Seth Godin: Denying Facts You Don’t Like.

Want to look “manly” and “dominant”? Shave your head.

Love this – a newspaper in Iran fell victim to The Onion’s article saying that rural whites in the US preferred Ahmadinejad to Obama.

26 Ways You Can Heart Your Pastor.

Awesome new images of Saturn’s rings.

“White Flour!” and “Wife Power!” using humor to counter-protest the KKK.

How Reddit Became the Internet’s Vigilante Voltron.

Mumford and Sons… I read something recently that unfortunately I didn’t save so I can quote it accurately, but said, in effect Mumford and Sons makes great music that reflects their faith, but then the drop the f-bomb enough so they’ll never have to play at “Christian music” festivals…