When the world stops making sense, I need a new alphabet…

Once again, here I am trying to get caught up. The addition of a couple classes has really thrown off my blogging routine. Here’s what’s been of interest from the past few weeks:

Donald Miller: What is Self-Righteousness and Why is it Annoying?

Fred Clark: Secrets and lies and the deeper scandal of the evangelical mind.

Dan Dick: The Hegemony of How.

Seth Godin: Those People. (really, if you are just going to click one link today, click this one, it’s really a must read).

Julie Clawson: Celebrating the Flesh.

New York Times: Even if It Enrages Your Boss, Social Net Speech is Protected (Sometimes)

File under things that are awesome: White House Announces National Day of Civil Hacking.

A couple interesting pieces from Fast Company: Can Creative Companies Save Detroit? and Rebuilding Detroit by Hand.

New music from Eels that came out a week or two ago; this video is a little odd, but I enjoy it…