“I started out so starry eyed, full of hope and wonder…”

Links of interest from this past week…

Wil Wheaton: Being a nerd is not about what you love, but how you love it.

Anne Marie Miller: Are Forgiveness and Reconciliation the Same?

Seth Godin: The Critic Stumbles.

Good: How to Hack Energy Savings with a Simple Sign and a Revolving Door.

Jason Micheli: Don’t Call Me Reverend.

Lifehacker: Build Your Own Hidden Lair with this Secret Bookshelf. What Trustee do I need to talk to to make this happen?

Fred Clark: The Sabotage of the Postal Service. This has bothered me for a while now, all the talk about the US Postal Service running deficits isn’t only because of this accounting trick, that no other business has to observe.

The Atlantic Wire: The War on Free School Breakfast is Beyond Wrong.

Fast Company: If You Graduated After 1976, You are Getting Screwed by the Economy.

Rachel Held Evans: Why Progressive Christians Should Care About Abortion.

Joel Watts: The UMC Itinerant System is Evil. (No it’s not, as Joel concludes, but it can be hard, and I appreciate the way he articulates this from the perspective of a lay person).

Music from Bob Mould – The Descent – off his most recent album,Silver Age: