Roundup – Nov. 23

Of interest from the last few weeks:

Girl Talk sampled over 350 copyrighted songs – which then saw sales bumps.

Quit being nice.

By 2019 Lego minifigs will outnumber humans.

Wil Wheaton on depression: I Got Better.

Dearborn, Michigan is not under sharia law.

Dan Dick: Grace-free living.

J Dilla vs the Beach Boys. I did a poem a few weeks ago where I referenced J Dilla, and got a lot of shocked looks by people in the crowd that totally didn’t expect an older white guy from the suburbs to know who he was. Good times.

How to Craft the Perfect Home Office. I’m still working on a finding a good set up for my home office; there are some good tips here.

Mapping Out My Future!

Everything wrong with Back to the Future:

With all the discussion related to the trail of Rev. Frank Shaefer, I found Jason Micheli’s take to be particularly interesting.

Jeremy Smith: Fair Atheists, Religious Jerks and Clergy Taxes. I think Jeremy makes some good points here, especially if the eventual trade off is getting rid of the “self employed” designation.

How not to say the wrong thing to someone who is ill.

I challenged hackers to investigate me and what they found is chilling.

Johnny Marr – “How Soon Is Now” (not quite the same without Morrissey’s vocals, but still pretty good).