Roundup (Jan 1, 2014)

Of interest from recent weeks…

The Auto Bailout Saved 1.5 Million Jobs

Here’s Everywhere You Should Enable Two-Factor Authentication Right Now (For non tech friends, two-factor authentication is basically an easy way to add a second “layer” to your passwords on various internet sites – generally your e-mail, cloud, social network service, etc. will send you a 4-6 digit code via text so you can help prove who you are. I’d recommend using it for any service you might worry about being compromised).

The Journal of a New Cobra Recruit:

 “Sarge is a great teacher because he doesn’t just criticize. He showed the right way to shoot. What you do is you start shooting your gun wildly and run towards the target as fast as you can and, in your scariest voice, you yell “COBRA!” We worked on that all afternoon, and just before we broke for dinner, I actually hit the target! Sarge and everyone else were so happy for me that they were about to cry. Told me I’d just set the record for marksmanship in COBRA boot camp.”

(make sure you read the whole thing).

 How Hitler Tried to Redesign Christmas

The FBI Considered “It’s A Wonderful Life” to be Communist Propaganda

Surprise! It’s Super Easy to Identify People from Metadata 

Saving Mr. Banks is a Spoonful of Lies

Neil Gaiman’s New Year’s Wish

Seth Godin: Welcome to Paris

Billy Bragg – January Song: