Round-up March 11

Of interest:

What does Bob Dylan do for a living? “I confound expectations”

Seth Godin: Measure what you care about.

The worst thing about Lenovos adware isn’t the adware.
Semi related: AT&T is charging customers not to spy on them. I’ve been thinking about covering the topic both these articles speak to in a class I’m taking this semester. Both incidents represent a natural progression that has been happening for some time with the economic incentives of data mining verses the personal interests of privacy, and I don’t necessarily see this changing anytime soon; rather, I’d expect it to continue to grow and become increasingly less obvious to the end user. Overall lesson: using HTTPS, VPNs, and encryption is your friend, but even that isn’t perfect.

9 Facts About Computer Security that Every Expert Wish You Knew. Numbers 1-6 are especially essential to know and put into practice.

My cousin Tristan is NO LONGER my authorized biographer.

Using a personal Kaban system to organize your work. Interesting idea and I have set up an account on Trello, but haven’t put a working system into place yet.

Slacktivist: Of pocket lint and ‘political correctness.’:

“There’s a perverse impulse to get defensive when confronted with anything that might make us feel embarrassed or force us to admit that we maybe did something foolish or unthinking. And that defensiveness can lead us to resent or to reject the simple advice that can free us from what may turn out to be wholly avoidable and easily resolvable problems.”

Also from Fred Clark: Southern Baptist Leaders Call for War… Or Something…

 A Farewell to Mallrats. Prior to this article, I’ve been thinking how malls are no longer the “third space” they were for teens 20 years ago. The article speaks of some economic factors behind this, but I also wonder about the social factors – the ways shopping centers have been policed and monitored for the last 20 or so years I think have been actively designed to keep teens away – leaving them with very little public space to freely gather anymore. The rise of social media, I think, is a direct consequence of this displacement. Since there are now so few public, physical spaces for teens to gather they have resorted to digital spaces.

Stephen Colbert talks about his faith. What I LOVE about this video is that:
1. Colbert “gets” who Peter is in Scripture
2. The discovery that he used the very same scripture for his wedding that I used in mine (and no it’s not the traditional 1 Corinthians 13):

When churches want a pastor who can ‘bring in young families.’

Detroit’s ‘Walking Man’ Walks On – the complexity of poverty and how sometimes our “solutions” create more problems for others.

The Privatization Backlash (aka sometimes the ‘private sector’ isn’t the solution).