Round-up April 23

Neal Patrick Harris loves Thomas more than you:

Neil Patrick Harris’ Thomas & Friends Obsession from Neil Patrick Harris

You’re Not the Rogue Anti-Hero This Police Department Hoped You’d Be
Pastors Make Bad Patients
Jesus is not like Joseph. God is not like Pharaoh.
How Sufjan Stevens Subverts the Stigma of Christian Music
Related: The problem with ‘Christian’ versions of things.
Gonzo once got busy in a Burger King bathroom??

Gays, Religious Traditionalists and the Feeling of Being Under Siege

Faith in the system or faith in Jesus?

Which door do you choose? (I know this is pure marketing for a soap company, but it still is an effective and powerful video).

15 Struggles Only Perfectionists Would Understand

Self driving cars = Car sickness – a notion that I had never considered before.

Seth Godin: I am Anti-Business, You Might be Too

George Lucas pushes for affordable housing, upsets rich neighbors.

Why the data of California’s biggest water-hogs isn’t public.

National Geographic: images of Detroit (that aren’t ruin porn).

Came upon this song on the radio, and found it to be melancholy but also interesting – Courtney Barnett: “Depreston”