Stuck in Charlotte… Round-up from June 2015

Finally a chance to put together another round-up, while I wait in an airport…

How Bruce and Patti prove Huckabee and Scalia are lying.

Seth Godin: (re)Radical:

“The question each of us has to answer about the institution we care about is: Does this place exist to maintain and perpetuate the status quo, or am I here to do the work that the radical founder had in mind when we started?”

How a Darth Vader Selfie Showed the Worst Side of Social Media

Jason Micheli on his battle with cancer: Against All Odds

Tie Shoes Smarter with the Ukrainian Lacing Technique. Being a big nerd, I actually tried this with my regular tennis shoes and really like it. Not necessarily for everyone.

Anderson Cooper: Why No Plan B is the Only Plan (via FastCompany)

Mrs. Henderson’s 2nd Grade Math Test

15 Things Your Socially Anxious Friend Would Never Tell You

How to Get Started with Vinyl Records

McKinney, Texas and the Racial History of American Swimming Pools

Sesame Street and the fight against poverty.

Police work isn’t getting more dangerous.

The Church isn’t dying, it’s failing, and there is a difference.

GOP maneuvers to keep control in Oakland County.

New Music from Neil Young: A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop: