Round up – October 7, 2015

Of interest…

The culture war has always been about race.

Fall asleep faster by sticking one of your feet outside the covers. I always assumed this was just a personal quirk of mine, didn’t know it was actually a “thing.”

Fourth graders get free passes to national parks. Need to remember this for next year and plan some trips to take advantage of the fact.

“Reverse Racism” is not real:

Why frequent business travel is bad for you. First, my sitting at a desk was killing them, then my long commute was killing me, now my travel jobs are killing me.

Local governments are cracking down on the evils of tiny lending libraries.

Librarians on bikes delivering books and WiFi.

No, there is not a “war on police”.

Help the Police:

Ben Carson’s views on vaccines are pandering anti-science BS.
Also, 9 Autism facts you and the candidates need to know.

Love is unconditional, relationships aren’t.

People we shouldn’t love.

The symmetric property of 2 Timothy 3:16.

Lego Dr Who!

7 Things to defund instead of Planned Parenthood.

6 Things to do every Sunday.

How the ballpoint pen killed cursive.

The real bully in The Karate Kid? Daniel!

Gary Clark Jr. – Church: