I’ve got family, I’ve got friends and I will love them to the end…

How long since I’ve last posted?!!

Links of interest over the past couple months:

Why Perfectionism and Burnout Go Hand in Hand

Garrison Keilor: Where two Corinthians gather:  “I love my neighbor as myself, but only because I don’t much care for myself.

Turns out, if you the Dire Straights’ song “Walk of Life” serves as the perfect ending to basically every movie (via)
For example, The Truman Show:

The Lion King:

The Matrix:

and The Birds:

(probably should apologize for the fact that “Walk of Life” will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, but it is such a good song, I really can’t).

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Fire (seriously have to try this with the kids this summer)

Top 10 Tech Security Basics – in general, a fairly decent summary. As noted social engineering is probably the biggest – in general don’t click links in email asking to update account information. I tend to be of the camp that extra anti-virus and anti-malware software generally isn’t necessary – assuming you are using a Windows machine, I recommend the built-in Windows Security software and generally don’t go clicking links or downloading software you aren’t 100% certain about. For a Password Manager, I recommend LastPass.

It’s Time to Design for Aging (yes, I deliberately cut out the beginning of the original title “Just turned 40? It’s time to design for again”).  The point about the importance in fostering and maintaining community is what I find to be really interesting.

Love this idea: All of Star Wars is being told from R2D2’s perspective.

Tony Hale on trying to be present.

The TSA fails at cyber-security.

Impostor Syndrome in InfoSec

Seth Godin: How to use a microphone – stop shouting, start whispering.

CV of Failures

2016: Smartphones are Destroying Our Culture. 1795: Books are Destroying Our Culture.

Having just binged on Seasons 2 and 3 or The Newsroom, I especially appreciated Jeff Daniels recent words on Trump.

5 Prayers Whispered by a First-Year Teacher as the School Year Comes to a Close

Why singing in the car makes you happier and healthier.

What I’ve been listening to (and singing along with in the car) recently:
Bob Mould – Voices in my Head:

Also love this song Mercy by Eric Bachmann, especially for the line:
I’ve got family, I’ve friends,
And I will love them to the end,
Despite all the bit-sh**-crazy things they sometimes say.”