Round-up – August 24

Back at it…

Seth Godin: Uninformed Dissent

How Garrison Keillor United America

The Adventures of “Donald and Hobbes” – as someone who loves Calvin and Hobbes, it pains me how well this works.

New music from Leonard Cohen on the way! While you are waiting, check out Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast on Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and how some works of art (and artists) take time to grow. (I’d actually recommend subscribing to Gladwell’s full series of Revisionist History podcasts).

Making art makes you mentally healthier, even if you aren’t good at it

Trump, Preachers and the Crying Baby Test

How American Politics Went Insane

The Red Cross and the Racist Pool Safety Poster

If the IRS asks, this theme park is a nursing home

A helpful guide to lesser-known religious affiliations

What Stephen King (the Iowa politician, not the author) doesn’t understand about Harriet Tubman

Magician explains transgender bathrooms:

New music from Dinosaur Jr: