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  • 19×2

    Another year, another playlist for one more trip around the sun… 19×2 by Michael Mayo-Moyle on Grooveshark Notes:3. U2 – saw them in Lansing this past summer – AMAZING performance.4. Decemberists – The King is Dead is probably my favorite album of 2011.5. Andrew Bird – The third song in an “end of the world”…

  • new video from ok go

    215 expired loaves of bread were toasted and laser etched to create this:

  • this week’s round-up (june 11)

    Check out the staycation ideas for churches from UM Communications. One of the things I’m excited about with the congregation I’ll be serving in July is the connection we have with Myers Lake Camp; they already to VBS at the camp, and many people stay at the campground during the week, but I’m already starting to think…

  • music for a friday afternoon (bruce edition)

    i’m off to spend some time with the boss this evening so a few songs this friday with that in mind. the hold steady do a cover of “atlantic city” you can find it here one other one that pretty good is dan bern’s song “talkin’ woodie, bob, dan and bruce” (live version)

  • playing for change – no more trouble