• July 12, 2022 at 12:42PM

    Black and white photo of a door with the number 213 on it.
  • Alone

    Song of the day:

  • Tempted

    I was having trouble coming up with a photo to capture “Tempted” but this song has been stuck in my head all day.

  • a fox in a wool Christmas sweater (is still a fox)

    if the

    real war

    on Christ’s

    Mass was not

    an already dead

    tree set on fire but

    a half million dollars

    spent on a thirty day

    public display in a city

    where people lack places to

    sleep and country where children

    fall victim to senseless acts of violence 

    What do we do with Mary’s words

     that God fills the hungry

    and sets low the ones in high power?

    Can we hear this season where Isaiah 

    says feasts and festivals are empty without

    mercy, justice and compassion for the

    outcasts, the oppressed, the widows

    and orphans among us? there is no command

    to celebrate the season with Douglas Fir and electric 

    lights and a persecution complex. but there is an invitation

    to honor God

    by seeking




    and living

    with Humility 


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