Lent 2: Return

This is the second image from the Lenten Photo-a-day project in which I’m participating. The word was “return” and while the first thought of “return” for me was the story of the Prodigal Son (and I sort-of had an idea of how to capture that), I guess I was still in an Ash Wednesday mood Thursday morning when I was ready to work on the project, and instead went with the scripture “to dust you will return.”
At the same time I was preparing this image, I was also working on a poem that was part of a larger piece with 6 other poets on the seven last words of Jesus. The phrase I had was “it is finished”, and so that idea of mortality, and in particular how we, as modern-day Christians, I believe, really shield ourselves from the painful reality of death was on my mind. (I’ll probably get the poem posted on the site closer to Good Friday).

On this same general theme, I was reminded again just this week, just how amazing Leonard Cohen’s song, “Going Home” is, (one day I hope to write, and even sing like this)…