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  • Alone

    Song of the day:

  • Tempted

    I was having trouble coming up with a photo to capture “Tempted” but this song has been stuck in my head all day.

  • Lent 3: See

    The word for day 3 was “see” so I just went for the straightforward image of my glasses which have been helping me to see for about 27 years now. Last summer, I (foolishly) wore my glasses into a wave pool at an amusement park in Iowa, and promptly lost them when the first large…

  • Lent 2: Return

    This is the second image from the Lenten Photo-a-day project in which I’m participating. The word was “return” and while the first thought of “return” for me was the story of the Prodigal Son (and I sort-of had an idea of how to capture that), I guess I was still in an Ash Wednesday mood…

  • Lent 4: Injustice

    The theme for this day was “injustice.” The day before, I had spent time both in Flint and Detroit, and there were opportunities to take pictures of the “obvious” images of injustice – urban blight, abandoned homes, “pay-day loan” stores, but none of those really appealed to me, and the idea of photographing abandoned homes…